DAVEY is one of the best pump manufacturers in the world. The Davey brand promise is to provide dependable, innovative, water technology solutions supported by the best technical advice and service.

Davey is an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed Company and has been certified to ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

Davey manufactures pumps and controllers for domestic pressure systems, horizontal and vertical multistage pumps for multiple application, sump pumps for water/sewerage/slurry handling, rain bank controllers and pumps for rainwater
harvesting and water treatment product-filters, softeners and UV sterilizers, air conditioning systems, etc.

Davey also manufactures commercial and residential products for pools including salt water chlorinators, pumps, filters, heaters and pool accessories. Salt Water chlorinators use salt to produce chlorine gas for disinfection of pool water. There is no need to add chlorine chemicals. Salt water chlorinators are beneficial to the environment and to the health of swimmers: Eradicates red eye or skin irritation.



Founded in Veneto, Italy in 1975, DAB PUMPS Spa has been manufacturing motor-driven pumps for 35 years and is currently recognized in Italy and abroad as one of the leading companies in this sector. With five production plants in Italy, DAB PUMPS has a multinational presence.

DAB PUMPS production of more than 2 million pumps each year enables it to offer a complete range of products that meet even the highest standards and requirements, while ensuring the highest degree of reliability.

DAB PUMPS also produce ‘factory assembled’ booster sets to order. They are ideal products for high specification residential compound and large villa projects. All DAB pump pressure sets carry a three year manufacturer’s warranty once Al Tayeb technicians commission the set.



The ZENIT Group ranks among the top international names in the design and manufacture of water treatment technologies.

Its core business is the design and manufacture of submersible electric pumps for both domestic and industrial use. Thanks to the knowledge and experience it has acquired over the years. ZENIT has also featured on the market with oxygenating and mixing products, providing a comprehensive range of items designed to meet the most demanding needs.

A solid tradition, dynamism and a penchant for innovation are the important qualities that have led to ZENIT’S steady growth, while allowing its origins and objectives to remain firm.

Shrewd corporate decision making has enabled the ZENIT Group to carve itself considerable portions of the market within the sectors it operates, thus ensuring its customers high technological content and ever-innovative services.
Its product differentiation in relation to that of competitors has enabled ZENIT to establish with its customers a relationship of growing respect. ZENIT is aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and daily it strives to increase the fidelity of its customers.



CNP is the third largest stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump manufacturer in the world. The quality of CNP pumps is truly world-class and they have proved to be as durable & reliable as any of their European Competitors.

The CNP factory covers 128,000 m², and produces over 400,000 pumps annually. The pumps are used in industrial and mining enterprises, municipal water supply, farm irrigation, petrochemical engineering, domestic water and fire water supply for high rise buildings, industrial water treatment, water purification and the pharmaceutical industry.

CNP is a professional manufacturer which develops, manufactures, and markets stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps. The company is always devoted to innovation and management since its foundation over 20 years ago. The company has embarked on the road of a virtuous cycle and operating in scale.



Established in 1883 in London, Winn & Coals (DENSO) is regarded as the world’s premier manufacturer of top quality anti-corrosion and sealing products. DENSO is specialized in the protection of:

  • Buried Pipes
  • Exposed Pipes
  • Steelwork
  • Concrete
  • Marine Piles
  • Tanks of all sizes

The technical teams at DENSO, having gained 130 years of experience in solving corrosion related problems, are happy to offer their expert advice in this field and always strive to give cost effective solutions.
Many of DENSO’s products require minimum surface preparation and can be applied either by hand or by machine. DENSO also supply brush applied liquid coatings and linings. DENSO can easily deal with most problems in most environments including those with difficult accessibility.
Special areas of expertise include protection of buried pipes and fittings, protection for exposed pipe and steelwork, resistant linings for steel and concrete protection for marine piles and structures.



IWAT Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technology provides economical turnkey solutions for industrial water treatment, using our comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art technology.
We offer small and mobile systems for purification of irrigation water, mixing concrete, central cooling and drinking water.

We offer bespoke ENGINEERING to provide:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Preliminary planning and cost estimate
  • Laboratory and pilot tests
  • Concept planning and plant layout with cost estimate
  • Approval planning

With regard to PROJECT REALIZATION we provide:

  • Plant construction and construction management
  • Turnkey delivery, commissioning and instruction
  • Technical support and servicing


Superior Pipeline Fittings (SPF) is a leading manufacturer of valves, strainers, flanges, couplings and pipeline fittings. Over thirty years of expertise provides the backbone for great price, quality and service. Leading organizations and municipalities rely on SPF to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

SPF has over 350 employees worldwide with service centres in the USA, UK, Middle East and China.

SPF is experienced in manufacturing engineering products, components, and tooling equipment. Our specialty is in ductile iron, steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.
Our contemporary facility is engineered for success. An experienced management team, state of the art equipment and experienced technicians combine to create the foundation of our customer’s success.

Our management team lead with a balance of process and structure combined with versatility, ingenuity, innovation and an unwavering commitment the performance of our product.


DIEHL Hydrometer

Intelligent metering for maximum efficiency.

The HYDROMETER range has focused on highly accurate and robust meters since the establishment of our company in 1862. Today, HYDROMETER GmbH is part of the globally operating DEIHL Metering Group and offers an extensive range of pioneering meters to meet the high economic and ecological requirements of the third millennium.

Energy is the market of the future: Our intelligent metering enables customers to handle natural resources and energy in a highly efficient way. Whether wireless reading over radio or wired over the M-Bus: Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) makes water, thermal energy, gas and, electricity consumption data available in the shortest possible time – for energy utilities and for end consumers. Our system solutions are marked by consistent efficiency of consumption, maximum precision and simple operation.

Our solutions help water and energy utilities all over the world to offer their consumers much more service and convenience. This also helps to make their own internal processes considerably more efficient, specifically reducing power surges and cutting time, work and costs. We raise our customers’ infrastructure to a new standard through high-performance and automatic collection of measurement data for various kinds of energy on a system platform.



The electronic gas meter AERIUS detects the standard volume of natural gas through the micro-thermal measuring principle. It can be used for domestic and industrial applications.


  • CMOS Sensor Technology
  • MID approval requested (PTB)
  • Pressure independent
  • Temperature correcting
  • Very low starting flow
  • Differentiation between natural gas and air
  • Interfaces M-Bus and Radio 868 MHz according to OMS
  • Noiseless
  • Wear-free
  • Compact design


For 50 years DURAPIPE UK has been the leading manufacturer of high performance, thermoplastic pipework systems. It is WRAS approved.

DURAPIPE ABS is for low temperature fluid transportation. DURAPIPE ABS combines corrosion resistance, toughness and economic benefits to provide tremendous advantages for low temperature fluid transportation.

ABS is a solvent welded, fully matched pipework system incorporating pipe, fittings and valves that are available in both imperial and metric sizes. ABS provides a wide temperature range and the system remains extremely ductile even at extreme temperatures. Furthermore, ABS is extremely lightweight and is much easier to handle on site than traditional materials.


  • Available in metric and imperial systems
  • Easy to install
  • Wide temperature range
  • Corrosion and limescale resistant
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Unrivalled level of third party approvals
  • 50 years design life


Typical Applications:

  • Chilled water
  • Boosted cold water
  • Potable water
  • Low temperature
  • Demineralized water vacuum system
  • Waste water


AMERICAN WATER HEATERS is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality water heater products with manufacturing,
research and development. Corporate offices are located in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. American offers a comprehensive line of residential and commercial water heaters.

With modern manufacturing and warehouse facilities and more than 1,000 employees, AMERICAN can produce thousands of water heaters per day. AMERICAN employees pride themselves on continuous improvement and exceptional product quality. The company’s new automated tank manufacturing line; paint and parts fabrication equipment, quality testing stations, automatic press controls and forming machines have helped to control product manufacturing costs and improve overall

AMERICAN engineering staff are committed to maintaining AMERICAN’s position as the industry’s innovation leader. The company has been at the forefront of many energy-saving innovations now common in all water heaters. Recent successes in the
development of safer, more energy-efficient, water heater products have firmly established AMERICAN as the industry’s best for safe, reliable low-cost hot water.

A logical extension of the company’s manufacturing operation is its American Parts Supply. Using factory authorized replacement parts; American offers a full line of parts to retailers, professional plumbers and wholesalers worldwide.