Ceramica Globo 30 years of occupying a place of absolute importance in the panorama of the main companies in the sanitary and bathroom. More than 650,000 pieces per year, three production plants (70,000 square meters), 200 employees.

Since 1980 a success story Focused on increasing the value of human resources and on a balanced relationship with the environment, have led Ceramica Globo to become a leader in the health-hygiene and bathroom furniture industry.

Always committed to understanding tastes and new fashions, Ceramica Globo looks to the future with constant process and product innovations that require the integration of many different competences, from design to engineering, from the chemistry of materials to logistics, from marketing to sociology.

The input of ideas, creativity and professional capacity of the team involved in these processes allow creating products of undisputed quality, which are reliable, technologically advanced and very stylish.

Ceramica Globo offer a service “almost” just in time, for which any type of order is processed within 7 days EX FACTORY.

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