GSG is a company specialized in the production of ceramic sanitaryware, and is to be found in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana.

GSG Ceramic Design has realized an esthetic result, functional and modern, developing the Race, Lilac Dunia,Touch, Oz, Boing, Glass and Box.

The G.S.G Ceramic Design has obtained recognition by the Confindustria Ceramica and is now able to embellish its’ production with the trademark ” Ceramics of Italy”.

This trademark represents a strong sign of visible identity, a perfect link between tradition, quality and creativity of “Made in Italy”, which recognizes and certifies only products that have exclusively Italian origins and has the aim to enforce the principle of transparency to indicate the origin of the product.

Therefore it is not a banal trademark but an emblem and a symbolic importance of Italian ceramics, essential to confirm uniqueness and the excellence of “Made in Italy”.

The G.S.G Ceramic Design in the context of all the Italian sanitaryware firms, is one of the few that can benefit from this trademark for its’ complete production because made entirely in Italy.

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