Since first year of business in 1963, assured hight product quality, design flexibility are the elements which Mottura has built and grown to expand throughout the Italian market, all over Europe and and overseas. With several branches, agents and partners in all major countries, expansive network allows Mottura to leverage the knowledge, organizational ability, purchaising power, facilities and economies of scale, in order to meet the specific and unique product requirements of the clients from around the globe. Mottura’s products are distributing in over 70 countries world wide Mottura is collaborating with specialists designers and anchitects to create advanced solutions for window covering. In the group Mottura S.p.A., works alongside Mottura Serrature di Sicurezza S.p.A., brand well known everywhere as being synonymous with safety and tecnology. Mottura is one of the few company in the world for windows treatment solution producing entirely their products (mechanisms, rails and accessories).

Windows treatment (manual or motorized operated) is largely used for many different type of projects privat and public. Hotels / Office Buildings / Hospitals / Residential / Commercial

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