Teka is an industrial group founded 90 years ago. The business areas range from domestic and professional equipment for kitchens and bathrooms, stainless steel storage containers to beverage kegs. The diversification is backed by ongoing investment, and research and development.

Teka is an international industrial group founded in Germany in 1924. The business divisions of the group go from the professional and domestic equipment for the kitchen and bath and stainless steel containers.

The division of Teka kitchen is among the world-wide leaders in the manufacture of sinks and electric home appliances with the advantage of being a specialized integral manufacturer in the socket, that is to say, covers all needs under an unique brand.

Teka is one of the world’s largest producers of kitchen sinks and the only technology manufacturer in today’s market, offering a fully integrated range.
Kitchen Division has 14 factories in Europe, 2 in America and 3 in Asia, thus managing the sales’ net worldwide.

Teka Group companies are located in 37 different countries, where stainless steel sinks, bathroom faucets and accessories and kitchen appliances are sold up to 125 countries, in 5 continents.

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