Centro Verde Vivai

Centro Verde Vivai is a leading Italian company in the planning and realization of green space and landscape beautification. For almost 30 years we have been committed to creating and spreading a beautiful, sustainable urban green space.

Our team createsand delivers green areas, taking care of the customer’s needs and environmental sustainability.  The team has extensive expertise in botany, agronomy, architecture, engineering, landscape gardening, urban landscaping, climate and environmental sustainability.

We are specialized in establishing beauty of urban areas and private green space (residential, tourism, industrial, large public gardens, sporting facilities, irrigation systems, earth moving, landscaping, vegetative sound barriers, road beautification, large scale planning, sustainable management and eco-engineering). Our clients are private companies, public corporations, banks, tourism companies, building companies and private clients.

Centro Verde Vivai is certified according to the UNILEN 9001-2000 of the Quality Management System.