water-technology-abtAl Tayeb Water Technology W.L.L. is one of the oldest trading companies in Qatar. We were founded by Mohammed Al Tayeb Mustafawi in 1972. The family grown over the years to be a group of companies specialized in infrastructure, concrete batching, real estate, micro-tunneling, business development, heavy equipments, automobile business and many others.

In 2012, Al Tayeb was modernized into an integrated trading and services group under the Water, Garden and Home brands and a new subsidiary, Al Tayeb Water Technology W.L.L.  was created, consisting of three different divisions:

  • Water
  • Garden
  • Maintenance Division

water-tech-service2The Al Tayeb Water Technology W.L.L. comprises the following activities in their respective divisions.


Our Water Technology division sells a wide range of exclusive European products related to water supply, treatment and drainage, as well those related to pipes anti-corrosion protection. We have a unique combination of products and services in the Qatar market. We believe in innovation, new ideas, quality products and timely service to all products.


Garden division with Italian partners, offer a unique combination of skills ideally suited for demands of hand and soft landscaping and automatic irrigation projects, We are specialized in our landscape design, implementation, indoor/outdoor plants supplies and landscape maintenance. We have a team of Italian Engineers, Agronomists, Architects, CAD Designers and Environmental and Irrigation Engineers.

We work on both public and private projects including the residential compounds, hotels, resorts, luxury palaces, villas, beautification of public roads, parks and industrial areas. We have our own nursery in Qatar and in Italy for propagation and cultivation of all species and varieties of ornamental and fruit plants that we can use in all our landscaping projects in Qatar.


shotcrete-plumbingThe company team provides on-going maintenance and after sales service. We can offer technical advice and can rapidly assist to evaluate the most economical solution for each particular case needed, all with the level of professionalism that expected from a leading company like Al Tayeb Water Technology W.L.L.

We provide a comprehensive range of services which includes:
  • Maintenance Services for plumbing works
  • Shotcrete Services / Application (Guniting)

Our company has completed hundreds of projects in various locations in the state of Qatar (further details and information available upon request).

The company with its extensive experience can provide the answer and the high quality customer service to provide the best engineering, long term and cost effective solutions. We provide also rapid and efficient intervention in difficult repair cases, and we can propose economic and quality type remedies for the repair of damaged or deteriorated concrete structures.
Our readily available trained employees give us the momentum to start and deliver all kind of remedial works, even in very tight schedules such as shutdowns.
  • watermission1To offer a diversified high end engineering products and to give a long term, cost effective solutions for Water Technology not solely in Qatar but worldwide.
  • To help Qatar in creating a sustainable environment to live in and invest while achieving to be a No. 1 “Green Country” in all Middle East Country
  • To provide an exceptional maintenance and after sales services
  • To sustain our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic supplier in the Qatari market.
  • To achieve continuous growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising our value and business ethics.

watervisson“To partner with commercial and governmental sectors in achieving long term growth and sustainability via excellence in selling high end products and offering best services in the market.”

water-quality-checkThe company guaranteed the 100% quality of the products which are mostly came from Europe countries i.e. Denso, Dallmer, Durapipe. Rada – Kohler (UK); Birco, IWAT, Rehau (Germany) and Mediclinics (Spain), that passed in the international standard. We supplied many companies already both in public and private whether for residential or commercial purposes and mostly reordered as approved by the different consultants.

For the landscaping and irrigation (Garden), our company has a nursery in Qatar and also strategic partners with award winning architects and engineers. They provides a high quality plants and trees of all species and variety that satisfy the requirements coming from all over the world i.e Greece, Albania, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Jordan, Qatar and many other countries.

In terms of the maintenance and services, the company ensures the high satisfaction of our customers or clients through a timely delivery and exceptional after sales support. Our maintenance team’s applications are certified and approved by the manufacturer’s aligned with the latest technology used.